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Ritual Supplies for a Magical Life

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About Us

Foxling & Fae was born of a reconnection with whimsy, magic and a little fairy dog named Poppy. She is at the heart of all I do. Pembroke Welsh Corgis were said to be fairy steeds with their stubby little legs and fox faces. They have markings on their backs called “saddle marks” that hearken back to their whimsical past. Living with a corgi, you quickly adapt to the mischief and magic that surrounds these little dogs with their tiny bodies and big personalities. As someone who has always had one foot in another world, who wrote letters to fairies in the small woods near my home and spent many hours alone in the forests of Western Pennsylvania exploring moss, lichen and fern, it makes complete sense that a Foxling spirit like myself would end up with a little fairy dog as a companion and best friend!

Together, we are setting off on the journey of a lifetime as we take our first steps on stubby legs into the world in the form of hand-dipped, 100% beeswax taper candles. There are no molds for these candles! They are hand-dipped dozens of times in the traditional method with organic hemp wicks. I use only 100% beeswax from small businesses and plan to work with local farmers in the future to cut my carbon footprint. 

As we progress, I will incorporate wildcrafted and homegrown herbs from my garden for anointing and dressing the candles as well as creating Teas, Bath Soaks and other ritual items. As with the candles, my goal is to be as organic and natural as possible while also being ethical and environmentally friendly in packaging and production.



Saturdays during the Summer
at the Lubbock Downtown Farmer's Market
1822 Buddy Holly Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79401

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